Saturday, October 16, 2010

smbc :: fifteen :: barbette

what did we have
ek :: macadamia nut pancakes with rum roasted bananas & whipped maple cream
rm :: eggs florentine + coffee
st :: grand marnier french toast
sr :: fresh fruit salad + coffee
sa :: eggs benedict
et, ja, lk :: elsewhere

ratings (out of ten)
food :: six
atmosphere :: nine (oh the sun, fall colors and fake flowers!)
service :: eight
price point/value :: seven
quality of coffee :: seven and a half
seating :: eight
overall :: eight

shining star :: our waiter; proximity to the lakes for after-breakfast walks
pros :: tasty treats in the heart of a thriving, exuberant neighborhood filled with the youth of minneapolis in their full glory
cons :: inconsistent food prep
memories :: everyone paid in cash; waiter trying on st's glasses; look on ek's face when sr almost gave away his story of the uptown marquee

url ::

photo credit :: sa

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