Sunday, December 5, 2010

smbc :: twenty-one :: meritage

et lost her notes, so this could be interesting...

what did we have
et :: nothing. a scone (not by choice). potatoes (not ordered). under-cooked eggs florentine en cocotte.
ek :: corned beef hash
rm :: smoked salmon blini + eggs benedict
st :: scone (by choice)
sa :: eggs benedict
sr :: mimosa + toasted brie
md (guest) :: fresh maine lobster omelet

ratings (out of ten)
food :: 5
atmosphere :: 9
service :: 2
price point/value :: 5
quality of coffee :: 7
seating :: 7
overall :: 5 (affected greatly by the poor service and food mishaps)

shining star :: smoked salmon blini.
pros :: lobster (it comes from maine and it is fresh!). atmosphere. we were inside a snow globe.
cons :: see et's 'what did we have'
memories :: idyllic winter scene.

url ::

photo credit :: et

smbc will be on break for the holidays. cheers!

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