Saturday, December 31, 2011

smbc :: thirty-six :: charlie's cafe

what did we have
all :: caramel roll
et :: two eggs with toast
sa :: skillet with sausage
ek :: skillet with ham
sr ::  two eggs with white toast plus hashbrowns

ratings [out of ten]
atmosphere :: 9
seating :: 5
service :: 6
coffee :: 2
value :: 7
food :: 5
overall :: 6 [come for the caramel roll, stay for the atmosphere]

pros :: the coffee pot; wifi; the skillet plate [note: we're talking actual plate here, not the food on the skillet]; small town charm
cons :: the coffee in the pot
memories :: our server was the daughter of the swany flour mill, which recently burned down; sa pulled an rm
shining star :: caramel roll

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